Thursday, October 25, 2012

Re-Committing To Goals

Clearly I need to be on a path of repentance, especially since my last post wasn't even during this last season. So here I am, entering one of the busiest parts of the year for online sales, ready to lend some support and guidance to any who would like it. Below are my own personal short term goals:
  1. Post on setting up a Google Trusted Stores account. There is a 30 day (I actually think it is a 28 day) probation period, so if you would like to have a Google Trusted Stores account setup by December, you will need to get that set up by next week.
  2. Create New Friendlier Design. I have been looking at redesigning my website and blog for a while now.  With the hype of this holiday season approaching, I think I will be able to finally get the new look implemented.
  3. More Customer Support Avenues. I normally only provide customer support via email.  This goal has 2 parts, the first is setting up and advertising a website analysis option.  I will offer my own website analysis, as well as provide detailed information on how merchants can do their own website analysis.  I think this is especially important for merchants who hire companies to do work for them.  The merchant should be able to check, to some extent, the quality of the work being done.  The second is to actually setup a business phone number. I am sure that most of your companies already have a business phone number setup, but since my company is mostly just me, I haven't needed it.  I find that I have been a little hindered without an option for customers to call me directly, so I will be setting that up before the end of the year.
I would advise that you sit down and map out a few short term goals for your company that you would be able to complete before the holiday season gets crazy.  Make these goals things that can take advantage of the holiday season sales, such as setting up an avenue for new customers to be added to a newsletter, or to streamline promotions. Whatever your goals are, bullet point a few steps that will help you reach those goals in the coming weeks.