Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Certified ShopSite Designer

Lauren Hills Design is now part of the ShopSite "Certified ShopSite Designer" program. This means that I have created enough ShopSite stores with pleased merchants, that ShopSite has approved me as one of their certified designers.

I have displayed the Certified ShopSite Designer logo (shown to the right) on my website. I will also soon be listed as one of the Certified ShopSite Designers on the ShopSite website (http://shopsite.com/csd.html).

The Beginning

New templates have been posted on the http://laurenhillsdesign.com website. These pre-built templates are a great way to start your website. You will be able to get a more customized look than the built-in ShopSite templates, but will save on having a design create a custom design. There are 10 new templates listed. Most are using dark background for an edgy look. I will be setting up lighter, cleaner color schemes for these same templates.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Soon To Be Available

I have decided that I should begin a blog so that those of you curious about Lauren Hills Design Services will be able to read about up coming products and services.

Currently I work as a web designer creating ShopSite templates for ShopSite Merchants. With most merchants, they will come to me with a design in mind or one that is already setup, and I create the templates using that design; it only takes me a few hours to setup a website for someone.

I am starting to create templates which are pre-built. Merchants will be able to purchase these templates, and will have 2 hours of customization available to them once they purchase a template. This customization can be used to change colors, images, add logos, update links, or anything other type of coding change that the merchant would like done to the template.

Keep watching this blog and my website, http://laurenhillsdesign.com, for updates on these pre-built templates.