Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New - Basic Three Column Tabbed

There is a new template available from Lauren Hills Design, Basic Three Column Layout. This template is currently available in three colors, but I will be adding more. The design has a clean header area with the search field being a prominent feature for your customers. Below the header is the tabbed navigation section. You can specify any links that you would like for these tabs. Below the tabs you have three columns, the left column for page links, the center column for your page information including a section for best sellers, and a right column which displays the mini cart and any other information that you would like.

This template is very search engine friendly. The code is setup so that the main content on the page is the first thing that the search engine will index. The template is completely done in CSS. It also has a footer section for you to add more links, repeat your meta keywords and provide additional information about your online store making it better for search engines.

Checkout the new template here.